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BeInflu (be an influencer) is a new network with a different approach to online marketing/influencing, that pays you to review, write, share, or post sponsored paid content. Posts may include text, links, graphics, product banners, services or brands on your Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

We are not an MLM, but we do offer a free affiliate upgrade to our free influencers. Influencers have the opportunity to upgrade to the affiliate level if they so choose. The upgrade allows influencers to earn an additional residual commission from other services we offer.

It will depend on how many tasks you complete, for example, posts that need to be live and visible for 15 days on social media platforms can range from $15.00 to $200, so it will depend on your social media platform that you will be linking up with our network. For a more detailed explanation please see the earnings sample below.

We issue payments 16 days after completion and verification of each task. Each job or task that you complete is verified twice when posted and once more prior to payment. To avoid any verification ad issues, and unnecessary back charges, when you start with us the pay cycle is delayed 16 days.

Yes but only as Affiliate and not an Influencer. We would be very happy to have you, but currently our services are limited to US advertisers and influencers only. Future international expansion plans are always observed by our team.

No you don't, however any paid requests not completed within the allotted time will automatically be moved to the next influencer.

We always deal with different advertisers but we mainly focus on approving ads for products, services, or business opportunities.